Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions represent all the provisions that constitute the offer by Valmed SA, owner of the website electrodes.ch, to any potential buyer of its products.
Placing an order implies full acceptance from the Customer of these terms of sale.


These general conditions of sale define the contractual relationship between:

Avenue de Tourbillon 34
1950 Sion – Switzerland
Tél : +41 27 203 6581

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Valais under number CHE-107.607.008

Hereinafter referred to as “We”;


Any natural or legal person visiting or making a purchase for himself or for a third party,

Hereinafter referred to as “You”;


1-1 A buyer placing an order on the website www.electrodes.ch, privately or professionally, declares to be at least 18 years old and have legal capacity or parental permission allowing him to contract.
If these conditions were not fulfilled in accordance with what is stated in this agreement and to resolve any dispute, We reserve the right to contact directly the guardian or legal guardian of that person.
We will be therefore allowed to require the settlement of all orders contracted by him.


2-1 The information on the website www.electrodes.ch does not constitute an offer in the legal sense of the term, so that only the order placed between You and Us constitutes such offer.

2-2 Any user can read the general conditions of sale on the www.electrodes.ch website.
Therefore all orders imply Your full acceptance without exception or reservation of the terms and conditions stated in this contract. Anyone who made a purchase on the website www.electrodes.ch therefore declares to have full knowledge and can not deny that in case of dispute.
– Possibly subject to change, it is understood that any order placed on electrodes.ch is regulated by the general sales conditions in place at the time of the order.
– In case of dispute, an amicable solution will be sought and, failing that, any claim of any kind, will always be within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Central Valais where the company Valmed SA is registered and will therefore be regulated in accordance with the laws of Switzerland.

2-3 After accepting the terms and conditions and validation of Your order, We will send You a confirmation e-mail of Your order to the email address You have provided Us while creating Your profile or when processing the order. This email constitutes Our acceptance of Your order and thus constitutes the sales contract between Us and You, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this contract.
Then We will proceed to its treatment in accordance with the terms provided for in this contract.


3-1 Items that have been delivered to You remain Our property as long as You do not fulfil Your obligations including paying the total amount of the invoice corresponding to the order that You placed on the website www.electrodes.ch.

3-2 Responsibility for risk of loss or destruction of these items rely upon Yourself as soon as they are delivered to You, even if You’re not yet the legal owner of these items because of the non payment of the order.

3-3 In the case of a late payment, according to the time indications clearly specified on Your invoice attached to items ordered on delivery, their non payment despite reminder [s] and if no conciliation could be found, We reserve the right to require from You to return these items to us expressly at Your expense.


4-1 The prices displayed on the website www.electrodes.ch are expressed in Swiss francs [CHF], taxes included, the shipping charges are indicated when validating the order.


5-1 Each item description on the website www.electrodes.ch mention its availability.

5-2 However, it may happen that one or another item, deemed as available when You place Your order is finally unavailable, of what We will certainly inform You:
– If the item would be temporarily unavailable, We will consider that Your order is still valid until We are able to fulfil it unless cancelled at You request.
– In the case of permanent unavailability [exhausted longer marketed, etc.] of items that constitute Your order, We will be obliged to proceed with its cancellation.


6-1 Shipping and packing:
– Shipping and packing fee are indicated at the validation of the shopping cart and are based on the amount of items ordered and the place of delivery.


7-1 When finalizing Your online order, You are redirected to the secure servers of PayPal or Postfinance companies that handle Your payment.
The details of Your credit card are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and will not be passed and never transmitted unencrypted over the Internet.


8-1 According to Swiss law, anyone who has placed an order on the website www.electrodes.ch has a period of 7 days [calendar] to assert his right of withdrawal, as of the date of acceptance of the sales contract, in this case the date of validation of Your cart and the confirmation e-mail that We have received Your order and We will proceed to its treatment.

8-2 shipping costs caused by the return of the order are at Your expense.

8-3 If Your withdrawal request does not correspond to the conditions defined by this contract, We would be entitled to demand full payment of Your or item[s] which are part of Your order.

8-4 In any case the ordered items must be returned in their original condition. For instance opening a bag of electrodes means this bag and the order which it belongs to are no longer eligible for a withdrawal request.


In addition to exercising the right of withdrawal, You have, under certain circumstances expressly stated in this agreement, the possibility to return or make a request for exchange of the article that You had ordered.

9-1 Return Policy
– In the case of delivery by the Swiss Post, and only in this case, of an item not complying with Your order, You have a period of 7 days [calendar] from the date of delivery to place Your request and to return the concerned item.
– In order for Us to treat Your request promptly, You must join a copy of the invoice and delivery note otherwise We will unfortunately not be able to satisfy it.
– Any item not in accordance with Your order and subject to a request for return shall be returned to us at Our expense in its original packaging unsealed, not worn or damaged.

All of these elements are to send to the following address:

Avenue de Troubillon 34
1950 Sion

– Subject to compliance with all of these conditions, We will send You as soon as possible and at Our expense, the replacement item[s] in conformity with Your order.

– We are not able to accept any items in return other than those who do not comply with Your order.

9-2 Satisfied or Your money back
– You will have a period of 7 days [calendar], date as postmarked, from the date of delivery of Your order, to return the item[s] to Us at Your expense.
– In order for Us to treat Your request promptly, You must join a copy of the invoice and delivery note otherwise We will unfortunately not be able to satisfy it.
– Any item that is the subject of a claim must be returned to us at Your expense in its original packaging unsealed, the item must not be used or damaged. All of these items must be shipped to:

Avenue de Troubillon 34
1950 Sion


10-1 Legal Notes
– If You have any comments or questions, You can contact Us by sending an e-mail or by regular mail the following address:

Attn. electrodes.ch
Avenue de Troubillon 34
1950 Sion

10-2 access to the Site
– You may access and use the website www.electrodes.ch solely personal purpose. You can not in any way without Our written approval and under penalty of prosecution, to use it and all its contents for commercial purposes or for any other activity that might be harmful to Us.

10-3 Applicable law
– All clauses in these general conditions of sale, as well as in all purchase and sale transactions contemplated therein are subject to Swiss law.

10-4 Responsibility
– We will make every effort to ensure You the best possible quality of service according Our company values.
– However, We can not be held accountable for any delay in delivery of items ordered and particularly in case of shortage or for any delay in the delivery of these items by the Swiss Post or one of its international partners.
– Despite Our vigilance and all the precautions that We have taken with the partners We work with to allow You to enjoy the services that We offer You, We do not guarantee the absence of any disturbance in the operation of the Site and its various parts.

– We accept no liability for direct or indirect damages that may result from accessing or using the Site or parts of it, as We assume no liability that may result from the inability to access or use it
– Similarly, We assume no liability for all risks related to the installation of software that allow access of the Site or for any damage resulting from transmission errors, technical failures, overloads or interruptions of communications.

10-5 Protection of personal data
– Whatever the nature of the personal data that We are led to read, or that We are entitled to ask for You under this contract or that We collect in automated fashion, We are committed to make every effort to treat them with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring the protection and to strictly use them to run Your applications or improve services You may be offered on the www.electrodes.ch website.
– However, You can at any time exercise Your right to access, rectify or oppose this data from Your customer account or by writing us an email at shop@electrodes.ch.

10-6 Promotional emails
By accepting our Terms and Conditions you agree to receive promotional emails from electrodes.ch from time-to-time. These promotional emails may include, but are not limited to: promotional offers, membership information, information about electrodes.ch products and/or services or information about third party products and/or services that we think may be of interest to you. electrodes.ch will never sell, rent or share your email address except to the limited extent set forth in the Privacy Policy, or otherwise in the Agreement, or in cases in which you have otherwise consented for electrodes.ch to do so.

10-7 Copyright and credits
The design, shape, title and all content of the Site is strictly property of the company
Valmed SA and therefore:
– You are under no circumstances allowed to copy, save, reproduce or print these contents for other use than the one that will carry out Your shopping on the Site as part of this contract.

– We reserve Our rights to take action against You if any of these contents, whatever its nature [image, text, codes, etc.], was used without Our express written consent for purposes other than those mentioned in this contract.
– Publication on the website www.electrodes.ch of comments, communications and other contents that You are likely to send us for this purpose remains to Our sole discretion.
– In the case of publication, You hereby grant Us the right to use, reproduce, modify, or remove such content if We would judge it necessary, whose contents You are also required to have the copyright.
– Otherwise, and if We had to be the subject of a legal action by a third party where that action would question the content that You have released, You would be required to indemnify us in the amount of damages that We would suffered.